Key West



As you watch the sun descend over the horizon at Mallory Square, as if being swallowed
by the beautiful blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you know it’s only farewell
to that great orange orb in the sky for today.

On another continent you know it’s bringing light and life to others.

But you still feel a little sad, because the night is closing in, and with it,
an end to your daytime activities.

So…….what to do now?

It’s still early……

Wait! What’s going on?

Street lamps are flickering all around you. Signs illuminate in every direction.
Lights come on in every establishment.

In the distance, you can hear the melody and feel the beat coarsing
through your body and entering your soul.
The air resonates with the sound of music.

Now you’re ready for Key West nightlife!

You stroll down Duval Street – You stop to listen to the different
entertainers – You have a drink.  You’re doing the “Duval Crawl”.

It’s “your” Key West Rite of Passage!

We now invite you to meet some these troubadours – the men and women of Key West
who do their very best to entertain you – to enhance your stay on
this magical and mystical island – to make your vacation
even more memorable………..


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Uncle Bob Close Up

Uncle Bob

We were lured into Rick’s one balmy summer evening
because of Uncle Bob’s antics on stage.
He has an irreverent sense of humor, a great selection
of songs, weaves a yarn or two in between the lyrics,
and is a most energetic singing minstrel with a yen for Jagermeister.

Gary Hempsey

Gary Hempsey

Music and audience interaction is Gary’s forte.
He loves to banter with the listeners and is a consummate storyteller,
weaving in Key West lore, some fact and some fiction.
Shout out a song, and he’ll most likely know it.
You’ll find Gary sitting at the bar, between sets, and mingling
with both the tourists and locals.

Tim Charron

Personable, fun-loving, soulful.
A skilled singer/songwriter/performer.
Weaves his own songs throughout his interpretations of others’ songs.
Sit down and listen to Tim and you’ll never want to leave.
So, have another beverage and enjoy!


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Key West!