It’s the most beautiful sight!

Last August, I woke early – before the sun did!

Sat on my patio for awhile taking in the silence.

I couldn’t believe how quiet, peaceful and calm it was.


Key West is multi-faceted.
Vibrant, loud, hustle-bustle during the day.
The night is filled with music.

So hearing nothing is so different!

I wondered if ALL of Key West was so tranquil.

So I decided to venture down to Duval Street.

Key West Before Sunrise

Having never seen Duval Street in the morning hours, just before the sunrise,
I was in for quite a treat.

Totally deserted!
There was me and 2 birds on the street.
Actually, in the middle of the street.

I was standing in the middle of the intersection of
Duval and Caroline – not a car….or person….in sight.

I was taking pictures in the middle of that intersection,
when a police car drove very slowly by.
He smiled and gave me a wave – probably not use to seeing
people up and about …. and sober …. at that hour!

Sky Lightening Before Sunrise

Little by little, I started seeing light in the sky.  The sun was on the rise!
First some blue.  Then pink streaks.
I noticed the lights on the buildings weren’t quite as bright anymore.
Finally the sun peeked above the horizon.

Me and 2 Birds Just Before Sunrise

If you’ve never seen the Sun Rise In Key West, I suggest you give it a try!

What an breathtaking, awe-inspiring sight!
Almost a humbling, spiritual experience!
Just me and the 2 birds were witness to this most beautiful moment.

But moments like these slip away quickly.
Within minutes, me and the birds were no longer alone.
There was the man on the bike, a couple with coffee strolling along,
and then the street cleaners and sanitation men.
Finally, the first car.


Key West was waking up.

Soon there would be the hustle and bustle we’ve all been witness to.

But for a moment, just for a moment, Key West was all mine!


Original Post 5/13/10


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