I never wanted to leave!

When I walked over the threshold, the sweetest smells accosted me.
Not sickening sweet.  Delicious sweet.

Heavenly Sweet!

The scent of batter baking.
The sweetness of icing.


Key West Cakes makes the most beautiful creations.
I mean, these folks are seriously artistically inclined.

They make every kind of cake imaginable.
There’s the traditional birthday cake, wedding cake,
graduation cake, baby shower cake, etc.

But every cake has the Key West Cakes twist.
And that twist is the design and decorations.


And they don’t just sell cakes.
Their cupcakes and cookies are to die for!

I had a piece of their Key Lime Pie.
So good!  Creamy with actual pieces of Key Lime.
A perfect combination of sweet and tart.
The crust was perfection.
I tried (tried being the key word here) to take my time and savor it,
but it was just too good!


Even if you aren’t planning on ordering a cake,
I highly recommend you stop on by.
You’ll have a truly remarkable experience just having the opportunity
to watch the creative juices flow.

You’ll love watching  the batter that goes into the oven
become the most beautiful creation of perfection.
Although it looks too perfect to eat,
it won’t stop you because the taste is also perfection!

The staff is so friendly.
They’ll explain the process and everything is open so you can watch from the counter.

Visiting Key West Cakes is a special treat.
I know you’ll not only enjoy your visit, but you’ll leave with a sweet treat too!


Key West Cakes is located at 1014 White Street.
You can reach them by telephone at  305-296-4162.


We love Key West and want you to love it too!

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Key West!