Angela Crenshaw


Have you met Angie?
If not, you’re in for a special treat!
Angie has been living in Key West for 5 years now. She felt the pull of the ocean, the weather
and the attitude of the Key West community.
The people and the ocean makes her stay.

What makes Key West different from her hometown of Athens, Georgia?
In Angie’s words……..
“Key West is like being in a foreign country but with the safety and comfort of being in the USA.”

So……How do you go about meeting Angie?
Stop by Peppers of Key West – a uniquely pleasurable experience – located at 602 Greene Street.
They sell every type of hot sauce imaginable, ranging from mild to hotter than hell. Angie loves meeting
the fun people who come in and hopefully helping make their time in Key West more memorable.
Make sure you allow at least 2 hours for the taste-testing and bring a beer or two with you.
You’ll need it to cool you down!!!

Angie at Pepper's
Angie at Pepper’s

When asked about quirky or unusual experiences in Key West, Angie replied…..
“Are you kidding? We just finished FantasyFest!!!!

“My favorite places, besides Peppers, are Schooner Wharf Bar, the Key West Aquarium, Scuba Diving
in the warm waters of Key West, all the great places to eat like Pepe’s, BO’s Fish Wagon,
Blue Heaven and Hogfish Grill. There are so many off the beaten track places that are so cool.
I would definitely tell people to search those out and get off Duval Street some.
Of course, go see Uncle Bob at Rick’s downstairs from 8 PM – 12 AM.”

“Most people don’t realize what a close community we are and that we really care about
each other”, Angie said. “Please respect the beauty down here and be really conscious of trash.
Most everything drains into the ocean.”

“Have a great time and come see me at Peppers!”


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