Chris and Patricija Hambrook
Mr. and Mrs. Margaritaville

Chris and Trish
Chris and Trish
bartending at
Chris grew up in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. Arguably one of the
most dangerous cities in the country. He’s seen it’s brutality face to face
more times than he cares to remember. When he was 25, he went to his first
Jimmy Buffett concert. In his own words……
“At that moment, I woke up. Two weeks later I moved to Key West. That same year
I met my wife and five days later we were married in the Key West Courthouse.”

Chris at Captain Tony’s
at the 1st Annual Captain Tony Day
August 10, 2009


Trish came to Key West from the war torn former Yugoslavia where Slobodan Milosevic
committed his campaign of genocide. She has seen atrocities too horrible to mention. She
fled that situation and chose to come to Key West.

Trish behind the bar at


Chris and Trish happily celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on
December 9, 2008

In Chris’ words………..
“The moment Jimmy Buffett was part of my life, my life got great. We credit JB
for this because of the great stories and songs of a life I could chase and attain
that were planted in my head. Boy did I!!!!!! We both love working for JB together
here at the original Margaritaville in Key West. We have found paradise. We
are truly blessed. We have the greatest jobs in the world. We appreciate the
fact that we live the way most of the country wants to but can’t for whatever reasons.
We both firmly agree that we owe it all to Jimmy Buffett.”

Stop by and say “Hey” to Chris and Trish. You’ll be greeted by a friendly Hello and
fantastic service. They’ll make you feel so comfortable that you won’t want to leave.



Chris and Trish have left Margaritaville.
Sometimes it’s just time to move on, to experience new things,
to meet new people  and try different things.

The good news is that they are both still in Key West!

Chris now works for La Trattoria.
At both locations so you will need to track him down!
The Duval street address is:
524 Duval Street

The Overseas Highway address is:
3593 S. Roosevelt Blvd.

Trish is now at the Half Shell Raw Bar.

The Address is:
231 Margaret Street

So next time you’re in Key West,  be sure to stop by and say Hi.


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