If you’ve never been to the Roof Top Cafe, then you’re in for a special treat.

Yes, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is conducive to leisurely discussion
while lingering over a hand crafted cocktail.

But the best part of heading to the Roof Top Cafe is stopping by the bar and meeting Jack Terry.
He’s a very special person.

Not just because he’s Tommy Bahama’s Rumologist of the Year.
Which is a pretty big deal all by itself as he travels around representing them.

He’s also a great bartender!
His ability to mix so many very special – and one of a kind – drinks is unsurpassed.
Did you know he concocts his own special ones?
Like the “Captain Courageous”?


But what makes Jack so special?
It’s his personality.
He’s so friendly, courteous and is a great conversationalist.
He makes you feel so comfortable while he mixes your drink,
telling you joke after joke until you’re laughing so hard you think your side’s going to split!
By the time you leave the bar, you’ve made a friend.

If you already know Jack, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you don’t, well then, it’s time to meet him.


Jack grew up in Plainville, Connecticut, a small town outside of Hartford.

In Jack’s own words…

“As soon as I graduated from High School, I moved to New York City to attend college.
And I haven’t stopped moving since!  Between then and now, I have lived in New York City
three times, various parts of Connecticut three times, San Francisco, Los Angeles and
Milwaukee.  I started visiting Key West when I was in college.  It seemed like the logical
place for a Parrothead to go for Spring Break.  I probably visited another half dozen or 
more times, making friends with some of the locals, over the ensuring years when I found
myself living in Delaware, trying to figure out what I was going to do next in my life now
that the sideshow I had been working with (seriously, I was a carny for two years) had
closed up.  I woke up one morning, it was 9 degrees outside, there was 3′ of snow on
the ground, and I said “I’m outta here!”  A month later, January 2005, I was living here.

What I love most about Key West is the absolute uniqueness of it all.  This is a place that
slows down every day to celebrate the sun setting.  You can’t beat that, and you really can’t 
describe it.  It’s everything you would expect from a town a hundred miles from everything
dangling in the middle of the ocean.  What most people need to know about Key West is
that it is a multi-faceted vibrant place to be.  People who don’t know dismiss it as a big
drunken party, and while the nightlife and the bar scene is certainly a big part of our identity,
there is always world class diving and snorkeling, great restaurants featuring the finest chefs
from around the world, wonderful artists, talented performers, great museums and galleries
and 500 years of history to learn about.

I work at a great restaurant called Roof Top Cafe, located at 308 Front Street, and our sister location
at the same location, Agave 308.  One of the best things about working there, especially Agave 308
(I’m there four shifts a week, plus an additional one or two shifts at Roof Top) is the fact that
when we are making our cocktails we use all fresh ingredients, everything from jalapenos
and grilled pineapple to basil and strawberries.  All of the drinks are hand crafted, and that
really shows in the flavor of the drink.  
I’ve come up with so many new drinks that I’ve started a
website where I give out the recipe and whatever 
else I feel like talking about.
The website is www.popcormjackterry.com.

Another thing you can find at my website is how to purchase a copy of my novel “Chasing Ghosts”.
Writing and creativity have always been an important part of my life (I’m actually a trained actor
with a BFA from New York University) and I finally finished my debut novel just over a year ago.  It 
tells the story of two people who meet and begin a relationship, only to have their past begin to interfere 
with the present and how they deal with it.

When I’m not working or acting in local theater (or at home writing) you can usually find me watching the
magic at Schooner Wharf, listening to music at Smokin’ Tuna, 
 or having a night cap at The Chart Room
or Shots and Giggles.  If I’m going out for dinner, my favorite 
restaurant (other than Roof Top Cafe,
of course) is Bagatelle.  Sunset is important to me and I try to catch 
it at least once a week, whether
from Mallory Square, the Sunset Tiki Bar at the Galleon, or from the top 
of La Concha.  And as
always, some of the best way to spend some time is simply riding my bike around 
the island and
enjoying the weather.

Key West is truly a magic place.  It’s certainly not for everyone, but it is a special place for me.
I’m glad I found it.


As a tribute to his love of people, his infectious laugh, his willingness to lend a hand to someone
in need, Jack has made numerous loyal friends everywhere.
Debbie McGee is one of those people.

They met in Key West when Debbie and her husband Tom were on a little tropical getaway.
If anyone can tell you what Jack’s really like – his sense of adventure, his mischievous sense of humor,
his love of life, it’s Debbie.  When they first met, it was instant friendship.
Good friends.  The kind that share a bond.
Debbie is one of Jack‘s biggest cheerleaders, she’s very protective of him,
they can discuss anything and everything, and can agree to disagree when necessary.
They’re like siblings AND friends.
What a wonderful relationship!


Now that you know about Jack, isn’t it time you met him?
In person?

He’s a multi-faceted guy and you’re going to enjoy the time
you spend with him at the Roof Top Cafe.
So on your next visit to Key West, head on over and introduce yourself.
You’ll be very glad you did!


And don’t forget about Jack’s book.
Or, should I say BOOKS.
His second book is now available.
“This Ain’t No Self-Help Book: Meditations for the Modern Age”
it’s about personal motivation
and is self-reflective.

That’s all I’m going to tell you about it for now.
Head on over to Jack’s website to take a peek



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