Picture yourself
 relaxing in the Adirondack chair, gazing at the water, watching the sailboats float by.
A cold drink by your side.
The palm tree overhead swaying softly in the breeze.

Is it a Sunrise?


Is it a Sunset?

It’s whatever you want it to be!


It’s time to get into that laid back, wastin’ away, 

Another Day In Paradise
state of mind.


One way to do that is to hop a plane and while away the time in Key West.
It’s a great idea but not always feasibile.
So if that’s not a possibility, then do the next best thing.

Slip one of our beautiful Gildan – Preshrunk – 100% Cotton – Short Sleeve T-shirts
over a long-sleeve tee, 

grab a tropical concoction and put on some Trop-Rock. 

Now you’re all set!

Everyone who sees you will have to smile …. because you can’t help smiling when you see this design!


 These one-of-a-kind tees are a very easy way for you to get
into that tropical state of mind.

You can get yours for the low price of $24.00.

This Price Includes Shipping
in the USA and CANADA.

Just click on the picture of the T-Shirt you’re interested in.
You’ll be taken to the purchase page.  Then just pick the size and color of the
shirt(s) of your choice and click on the ADD TO CART button.


For other locations,
the price is $24.00 plus shipping.
Just send me an email at:
and I’ll email you an invoice through PayPal.
If  you purchase through the links below,
I’ll email you an invoice for the shipping separately.


They come in 4 colors:

BlackWinePurple and Charcoal.

Buy one or 2 for yourself.

And don’t forget!

They make great gifts for


and for all Key West aficionados!







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